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Name:Nemesis Sudou『Code Name: Eight』
Birthdate:Jan 1

        Born in an abandned house in the woods, Nemesis
        began her life by living with her mother in that place. She knew not the face
        of her father, though she heard much about this Gallerian Marlon. She desired
        to see him, but all would not be so happy. Her mother eventually abandoned her
        and she was plagued by the voices of two children, taunting her about it. Eventually
              she escaped, driven mad by the isolation. She killed her father's
              other daughter and she became an assassin
                              for her father. She killed for his greed, and eventually
                          she met a man on the side of justice who was investigating
                      the murders. They fell in love but she was ordered to kill
            him. The gun went off when he grabbed it from her, and left her heartbroken.
            One failed suicide attempt later, she swore revenge on her father and eventually
            confronted him. In the midst of his burning house in a civil war, she offered
            him redemption. Gallerian Marlon denied it, and so she killed him, ending the
            revenge she bore for not only herself but for all those he had wronged in his greed.
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